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foundation waterproofing

Protect your investment by waterproofing your foundation. Avoid water infiltration, moisture and extend the life of your foundation. First off, the foundation is cleaned and then a self-adhesive membrane is applied. The membrane is specifically designed for self-adhesion to a prepared substrate, serving as an air, vapor and water barrier. The membrane is flexible at low temperature, impervious to air, moisture and water. It has excellent adhesion to prepared substrates such as concrete.


Following the waterproofing of your foundation a rigid membrane of DELTA-MS is installed on the concrete to protect the surface. DELTA-MS is an efficient system based on a membrane with a unique air structure. Its main component is the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film; it is waterproof, and has excellent resistance to acids and other agents.


Durable, resilient and robust.


Protect your investment! Contact us for more information.

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