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french drain repair


Exterior french drain


Installing an outdoor French drain helps to protect and reduce infiltration problems in your home. Water infiltration in a home frequently produces moisture and can cause significant cracks in your walls. It is therefore important to protect your investment against these infiltrations by installing a French drain drainage system.


The French drain is a PVC piping system added into the soil all around your house. It is filled with stone that redirects water; this prevents the flow of water from reaching your home. In combination with our membranes, this is the best solution to prevent water infiltration.





















Interior french drain


The installation of an interior French drain is usually done when there are problems of water infiltration related to a water table or if it is impossible to access it on the outside.


An indoor French drain is regularly installed in the basement of homes. This is a piping system that is added along the outside perimeter of the walls of your basement. With this system, the water that reaches is accumulated and sent to a pump that pushes water out of the basement of your home.


Our experts will evaluate and suggest the different options available to you.


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