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iron ocre

Do you have red mud in the catch basin or the check valve of your French drain? Do you smell a rotten egg odour at home? Do you feel as if the humidity level in your home is high? Have you discovered mold, cracks or water seepage? If you answered yes to all these questions, call us today for a free estimate!  


Iron ocher is a kind of reddish mud caused by iron and manganese-eating bacteria. This substance blocks up the French drain located at the base of the foundation and gradually causes moisture and possibly water infiltration in the basement of your home.  


One solution is to install cleaning chimneys, which helps maintain the French drain from the surface. If the drain is completely clogged, it must be changed.   It is impossible to avoid iron ocher but we can minimize the consequences of its presence. With our specialists we will establish a clear diagnosis and an action plan to resolve the issue at hand. 


Protect your investment and contact us today!

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